Fruitflow News

Fruitflow is a unique, patented, water-soluble complex of bioactive tomato compounds derived from the gel surrounding the tomato seed. It was discovered by me whilst I was at the Rowett Research Institute of Aberdeen University in Scotland. I isolated this new tomato extract and identified a key method of action that differed greatly from the actions of lycopene and other commonly recognized nutrients. We realized that the platelet-supporting benefits of their new compound could provide a much needed natural solution in a key area of cardiovascular health. Fruitflow® promotes healthy platelet activity in just 1.5 hours and keeps on working.

Fruitflow has been proven to be safe and effective in seven clinical trials, with two published in a major research journal. And unlike many dietary supplements, which can take weeks to achieve results, Fruitflow works within hours and the effects can last almost a whole day. One serving daily is all you need. Fruitflow works the very first day you take it, and it keeps working every day when taken regularly as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle program for cardiovascular health.






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